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Jon Kelbie


I'm a pro-independence Scotsman harbouring a fascination with feudal Japan, bushido and samurai and recently graduated with an MA in Japanese from The University of Edinburgh. I have been a web technologies specialist and web developer/programmer/scripter.   I am director of Hatamoto Solutions Ltd. and work as an I.T. Consultant on a contract basis.  When I have time I still ply my trade as a free-lance web designer. I have visions of one day being a writer, an island bar proprietor, a chopstick crafter and rock star.  I plan to experience life hands-on and hope to have many adventures, travel to many places and meet many different people.  I lived in Japan for a year and it was only the beginning of the journey.

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  • Very impressive Jon, I wish you well with your dreams, I look forward to sipping from a nice glass of your preferred malt in the f
    Not too distant future

    • Thanks Ronnie! Sorry, I’ve not checked the blog for ages so only just saw this comment. Hope you are well!

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