Arashiyama (嵐山, Storm Mountain)

Situated on the outskirts of Kyōto, Arashiyama is a fascinating town. Home to a monkey sanctuary atop a mountain, a bamboo forest, lots and lots of rickshaw touts and an increasing amount of Western visitors.

Kiriyama Tea Farm (霧山茶業組合)

Located in the hills above Hidaka village in Kōchi Prefecture, Shikoku is Kiriyama Tea Farm (霧山茶業組合), producers and purveyors of a delicious variety of Japanese tea.

Statues in front of Kōchi City Train Station (高知駅前 銅像)

L-R Takechi Hanpeita (武市半平太), Sakamoto Ryōma (坂本龍馬), Nakaoka Shintarō (中岡慎太郎). All very famous samurai from Kōchi who helped restore power to the Emperor (from Shogun) and ended the Edo period (江戸時代).

Yosakoi Dancers

Yosakoi Matsuri (よさこい祭り) is a famous Summer festival in Kōchi City, Shikoku. The festival began in 1954 and has taken place every August since then.

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